Tapping into Canadiana: Students Dive into Quebecois Culture Through Maple Taffy Making

Students from the CJA recently had an experience in their French class in which they crafted a unique piece of Canadiana: they made tire d’érable (maple taffy)! This activity involves pouring hot maple syrup onto snow to make it harden, and it’s a well-known tradition in Quebecois culture. Not only did the students learn how to make maple taffy, but they also learned about Quebecois culture and why it’s important for Canadians to understand this culture.

Learning about Quebecois culture is important for our students because it’s a key part of our national heritage. Quebec has its own unique history, traditions, and way of life, and understanding these things helps us to better appreciate the diversity and richness of our country. Additionally, learning about Quebecois culture can help students to better understand and appreciate the French language.

CJA French teacher, Madame France, shared fond memories with her students about growing up in Quebec and making maple taffy year after year with her family. She told stories of the maple trees being tapped and the sap being boiled down to create the sweet and sticky taffy. Madame France described the process of pouring the hot taffy onto fresh snow and quickly rolling it up onto a wooden stick, creating the delicious and unique winter snack.

Through her stories, Madame France not only shared her love for Quebecois culture and traditions, but also instilled in her students a deeper appreciation for the simple joys of life. Her passion for teaching and sharing her experiences makes learning French all the more enjoyable for her classes.

Overall, the maple taffy-making activity was a fun and educational experience for our CJA students. By learning about Quebecois culture and making this traditional dish, they gained a deeper appreciation for Canada’s diverse cultural heritage.