Elementary (Grades 1–6)

Take the skills and concepts learned in Nursery through Kindergarten to the next level. Our students enter first grade prepared to:

  • read to learn
  • understand the language of mathematics
  • ask and find answers to questions related to science, social studies and Jewish studies

In elementary school, students are provided with developmentally appropriate opportunities to take ownership of their learning. Through our rigorous dual curriculum students are given opportunities for cross curricular learning providing memorable and meaningful learning experiences. The added benefit of our dual curriculum is that students are taught effective learning strategies to benefit them through the elevated pace of learning. As students grow they will acquire grade level skills, habits and core competencies that will be beneficial for future success.

Students are given the tools to develop identity within a Jewish environment, and understand Jewish holidays, traditions and values. Your child will learn the foundation for reading and writing in both English and Hebrew, build number sense and problem solving skills in mathematics, engage in discovery and the world around us through prayer. 

When students graduate through our elementary program they will have every opportunity to discover the world around them and explore their jewish identity from within.

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