Jewish Life

Students build their identity and sense of belonging through the rhythms of Jewish life. The day begins at the Calgary Jewish Academy with the singing of Hatikvah. The highlight of the week is the Kabbalat Shabbat celebration allowing students and faculty members to have time to reflect and unwind. During their time at the CJA, students are exposed to a variety of prayers. Whether it be a weekday morning prayer, Shabbat, or special holiday prayers, students learn to daven in a respectful and pluralistic environment. 

Jewish values and traditions are at the heart of the CJA. From apples and honey at Rosh HaShannah, to visiting a Sukkah and shaking the Lulav and Etrog during Sukkot. The annual Latke Lunch for Hanukkah is a very special event where Alumni and distinguished guests join the CJA Community to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Purim is celebrated with a costume parade and followed by our Megillah reading and ending off with a Purim carnival. The highlight of the year is the Passover Seder, when family and friends are gathered to join Grade Nine students leading the Seder as the final step in their years at the CJA. 

The learning of spoken and written Hebrew connects our students to the Land of Israel as well our Jewish community and the wider world. Our Alumni go into the world confident in their abilities, secure in their faith and eager to take on the role of informed and active Jewish citizens.

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