Board of Directors

A volunteer Board of Directors governs the CJA. We value diversity in background, skills, and experience, and we believe it is important to have a Board that reflects the diversity of our school. All of the board members are parents or former parents of CJA students; there are also two external Directors. We feel strongly in the involvement of the broader community in our school governance, which speaks to the ties that we strive to create and maintain, and to our commitment to incorporating the values of the Calgary Jewish community within our walls.

Thank you very much to our dedicated Board.

Board members are elected by the voting member of any currently enrolled child. In order to be a member of the Board of Directors you must:

  • be an Alberta resident
  • be at least 18 years of age
  • have a child attending the CJA or be an Associate Member

CJA employees and immediate family members of a CJA employee are not eligible to be on the Board.

Please find below a list of our Board members and their positions:

(In alphabetical order by Surname)

Co-Chair of the Board of Directors

Bryant Frydberg


Benjamin Grintuch


Michelle Jacobson


Adam Oppenheim

Chair, Building & Lands

Michael Pavlov


Carrie Scherzer

Co-Chair of the Board of Directors

Shannon Smith-Albert

Treasurer & Chair, Finance

Gil Spanglet


Jeremy Thal

Would you like to be a part of our Board?

We will be accepting applications for the next term

Board Resources

Board documents are available by using the link below.
You can request access to these files by emailing