Life & Legacy Endowment Fund

The Calgary Jewish Academy strongly believes that the opportunity of Jewish day school education for our children is the foundation of our Jewish Community today, tomorrow and beyond. You may be an alumnus, have had children and/or grandchildren walk the halls of the school, or have experienced Jewish education in alternative ways. Whichever category you identify with, you certainly understand the value of Jewish education the CJA has provided to the Calgary Jewish Community

In today’s ever-changing world, Jewish educators around the globe are constantly searching for innovative ways to improve the formula for delivering an engaging and meaningful curriculum. 

As a legacy donor and strong believer in the value of Jewish education, you have the opportunity to play a critical role in the ongoing development and growth of the Calgary Jewish Academy.  Together, with your help, we can continue to create an environment at the Calgary Jewish Academy where future community members and leaders will develop the skills necessary for them to navigate through life’s complexities with dignity, strength, confidence and their Jewish values.  Your important legacy gift will help continue the delivery of a critical Calgary Jewish day school program designed to ensure our Jewish community’s continuity, vibrancy and growth for years to come.

Leave Your Legacy at the CJA

Be remembered through a gift in your will, retirement plan or life insurance policy.