Travel Experiences

Educational Field Trips offer students excitement and offer a welcome break in the routine for both students and teachers. Both informative and fun, they also offer a wonderful opportunity for children to bond with each other and their teachers and guides. 

School trips are another extension to share communication, build confidence, show leadership, and demonstrate respect for self and others in the greater community and abroad. 

Trips abroad are a way that students can enhance their cultural identities and demonstrate leadership. 

Kamp Kiwanis

Grade Five students are given the opportunity to participate in an overnight trip to this outdoor school with environmental literacy, awareness and action as the primary focus. This program provide a total learning experience that spans the breadth of Alberta Learning’s Program of Studies and provides an experiential and inquiry-based curriculum studies in science, physical education, social studies, art, and language arts.

Legislative Assembly Of Alberta 

As part of the Grade Six Social Studies program, students are offered an overnight trip to Edmonton to visit the provincial legislature. Here students learn more about our Provincial government, and learn more about the Jewish community of our neighbour to the North.

Salt Spring Islands, British Columbia 

Grade Seven students are provided the opportunity visit Salt Spring Island to learn about and experience Indigenous Canadian culture. Students are provided with educational experiences that reflect our values of healthy relationships, spiritual living and environmental responsibility. The trip is an adventure that is cross-cultural, inclusive, and deeply powerful.

Washington D.C. 

On this human rights focused trip, Grade Eight students are given the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. to visit The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as well as other museums and landmarks with an emphasis on the value of freedom and human rights.


Every year since 1999, Grade Nine students complete their Jewish education with a three week trip to Israel. Students get the opportunity to explore several themes in order to help form concrete, personal, and meaningful connections to the land and state of Israel. They experience Israel’s natural environment from the challenges of the wilderness to the lushness of the north. They encounter Jewish history as a people in Israel from biblical to contemporary times through all its rich and varied manifestations. And they interact with a modern and vibrant State of Israel full of diverse people who contribute to a complex society, celebrating the many awesome accomplishments and reflecting upon the significant challenges Israel faces.

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