Passover Celebration Brings Students Together

For the first time since 2019, the Calgary Jewish Academy hosted both our school wide model Passover seder and preschool seder. Both events were vibrant and joyous, with students and teachers prepared with the energy and ruach (spirit) to mark the occasion. The gym was decorated with colourful Passover-themed decorations, the air was filled with the aroma of fresh flowers, and the tables were adorned with traditional seder plates, complete with all the necessary elements, from the bitter herbs to the symbolic shank bone.

As the students made their way through the order of the event, they sang traditional Passover songs, including Mah Nishtana, Dayenu,  Chad Gadya, which added to the festive atmosphere. The Grade 9 students, in particular, were impressive in their leadership of the Seder, confidently leading their peers through each step of the ceremony.

The meal that followed was a highlight of the event, with the delicious smell of Matzah pizza wafting through the gym. Students eagerly tucked into their slices, savoring the unique taste of the unleavened bread, while the chocolate Matzah provided a sweet ending to the meal.

In the preschool Seder, the young students were a delight to watch as they enthusiastically participated by asking questions, sharing  stories, and singing songs all while learning about the significance of Passover. Those that were in attendance certainly felt a lot of nachas (pride) watching CJA’s youngest students show off their learning.

Overall, the Passover celebration at CJA was a wonderful example of the school’s commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive Jewish community. It was a time to come together, celebrate traditions, and build lasting memories.