Grade 9 New York Trip – Day 2: Museums, Jewish Food & a Broadway Show

Thursday was a packed day and it was pouring rain. There was tons of thunder and lightning and penny size hail, but that didn’t stop us. Our morning started off at the Tenement Museum, which is a museum that shares the history of immigration and stories of migrants in North America. Once we battled through the rain and got inside, the museum was quite enjoyable! It was fascinating to learn about life in the early 20th century. Our whole class felt more grounded after visiting this museum. It put a lot of things in perspective for us, specifically into the struggles that many faced with trying to establish themselves in a new country and the lack of electricity and plumbing in that time, specifically in the tenement houses.

The next stop on our very fun and action-packed day was the Ice Cream Museum. This museum was incredible! It had multiple exciting and interactive rooms that all served different types of all you can eat ice cream. We think that we can speak for our group in saying that this is some of the best ice cream that we have ever had. The museum had ball pits and pools of sprinkles.

After this, we took a trip to Katz Deli, and even though it was a pricey meal, it was worth it. The sandwiches were full of some of the best meat that we have ever tasted. These huge portions were too much for just one of us, so we had to share and take the food to go because you aren’t allowed to share food in the restaurant.

After our delicious lunch we headed back to the hotel to get ready for Mr. Broadway and the Lion King. We walked to Mr. Broadway which is an entirely kosher restaurant. The restaurant had a gorgeous interior and was very fancy. We loved the assortment of pickles. After dinner, we  quickly left for the Lion King on Broadway. We enjoyed the Lion King. The cast would come down through the seats and it was so cool to see. The costumes were so unique! With a long day of fun adventures, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for bed. Friday brings one of our busiest days in NYC and we are very excited!