Grade 9 Israel Experience: Top 4 Sights of Day 9

By Ayelet & Emili

VR Headsets in the Shimon Peres Centre for Peace and Innovation

During our time at the Peace and Innovation Centre in Tel Aviv, we experienced the future using VR headsets. Looking into the future we saw an airplane traveling through space in order to go to different cities across the globe in a short amount of time. It was a memorable sight because the creators were showing us how life could be if they fixed all of the challenges in the world, like flying further with the same time of a short flight.

The Siren of Yom Hazikaron in the Old City of Yaffo

When we left the Peace and Innovation Centre we drove to the old city of Jaffa where we got ready to stand for the siren overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This site was one of the best sites that day because we were thinking of all the fallen Israeli soldiers and as we think about them, we overlooked the graceful land that they secured for future generations of jews to enjoy. The Mediterranean Sea was alluring, appealing and breathtaking.

Carmel market

Around noon we went over to the Carmel market to go shopping and get lunch. During lunch everyone went to get food from the hundred options in the long market full of tourists and Israelis it was packed. We smelt Israeli foods around the market. It was a great experience. After everyone ate their mouth watering Shawarma we went shopping! We met our challenges- haggling in Hebrew is hard!- in the market but everything turned out well. It was a great experience.

The Night of Yom Ha’atzmaut in Tel Aviv

As the sunset and the sky turned dark, the night of Yom Ha’aztmaut had started.. We walked through the city of Tel Aviv and we watched people happily walking by, enjoyed the fireworks in the sky and the glow of the twinkling city lights. In the cold city breeze, I looked around and saw Israel decorations, kids with fun inflatables and funny light up hats. The tel aviv streets were the best sites that day. That evening we saw that a sad day of remembrance became a joyful night of celebration. The pain and sorrow of loss and the 2 minutes of silence that was heard at 11:00am, were behind the drapes of a beautiful city that had come to life as the people cheered and laughed as the state of Israel celebrated 75 years together.

As everyone started to get tired, we decided to go to the beach by our hotel to enjoy the sound of the waves, the cool breeze and the glimmering stars in the sky. It was our last night on this short but memorable trip. The moment was sad yet calming because it was a fitting ending to our trip. The view of the beach soothed our hearts as we got ready to leave Israel.