Grade 8’s in Washington D.C. – Days 1 & 2

The morning of June 5th, our entire class met at the airport and we officially began our 5 day journey to Washington D.C. on a Holocaust and human rights focused trip. We landed that evening and prepared for what was going to be days of exploring museums, monuments and history.

On our first full day, we began our day bright and early. Some of us headed down to the gym for a morning workout. Some of ate breakfast, and others prepared for Starbucks. We then walked to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum to reserve tickets, and then started our day at the American Museum of Natural History. There, learned about the fascinating world of North American animal species. We were in awe learning about the thousands of different animals that live on our continent. It was all so cool. The museum also had an exhibit that displayed the world’s largest diamond.

We indulged in some mementos from the gift shop, then we went to eat lunch to refuel for the afternoon. With full stomachs, we went to the Air and Space Museum, where we were shocked and stunned by all the incredible exhibits and displays. There were planes, rockets and even a Star Wars ship all under one roof. Our last stop before the evening was the Spy Museum where we learned about different propaganda and how to sort “mis” and “dis” information. The guided portion was very cool and interactive. After a full day of touring, we walked back to the hotel to have some rest and dinner – taco night!

In the evening we went on an amazing bus tour of all the government buildings, the White House, Capitol Building, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and so much more. Having the opportunity to see these buildings and learn more about the history of our neighbours to the south was a real meaningful opportunity. Finally after a long day we walked back to the hotel for some sleep to start it all again tomorrow.