Grade 8’s in Washington D.C. – Day 5

Today our day started with a visit to the Museum of the Bible. We began by meeting with the museum rabbi and he talked to us all about being a Torah scribe and also writing the parchments for tefillin and mezuzot. We even got to write our Hebrew names with the special Torah letters. Afterwards, we went into what we thought was the most beautiful exhibit of the whole trip. It was all about the Tanakh (Old Testament) and it took us back in time to Adam and Eve until where we are today. The setting was almost like a Disneyland ride landscape with bright, colourful lights, gorgeous designs and incredible details. We learned a lot about the Torah in this Museum, and will probably never forget the sentimental thoughts the Rabbi shared with us. 

Then we went to see the African American History Museum where we learned all about the history of Black people in America, their journey through slavery, fighting for human rights and equality, and their influence on North American society and culture. Harriet Tubman stood out as a very inspiring woman. She started as a slave and then fought to stop slavery for good. She never gave up and is a wonderful role model for us to try to be like her; when you see something that you would like to change and to help people, always try your hardest to be the change and never give up. 

Sadly, today was the day we had to leave Washington and head back to Calgary. We had an unforgettable trip filled with amazing new memories, and would highly recommend for people to participate in this trip for the grades to come.