Grade 7 & 8 Washington Trip: Museums, Galleries & a Baseball Game

This morning started off with a warm walk to the American History Museum. I started off with my group and we went to see the Star Spangled Banner. It was area we couldn’t take pictures. Another exhibit had memorabilia from old movies, concerts and tv. We saw many war artifacts. My favorite part was seeing the pieces from the twin towers from 9/11. I know what happened then, and it was interesting to see the beams.

After lunch we went on a short walk to the natural history museum. I marveled at the amazing architecture of the building. We were able to scramble around the exhibits and my group started at the area about human evolution. I found it particularly interesting because we learned more about mammals and their relationship to human beings. After, we headed over to the gemstones. The Diamond of Hope was intriguing. I found this section of the museum especially connected to me and my family with some family members being geologists. There were many interactive exhibits in this museum, mainly in the light and sound area of the museum.

We went to the National Art Gallery later in the afternoon where they had masterpieces from famous artists such as Monet, Van Gogh and the only Da Vinci piece of art in the US. There were plenty of sculptures and most of the paintings were in a renaissance style. It was a bit of a scavenger hunt to acquire images of all the paintings we had to take pictures of. There were beautiful fountains but I was most impressed by how big the gallery was and there was so much art!!! I was dumbfounded by the number of splendid paintings and sculptures.

We headed to the baseball game in a bus – thank goodness. When we arrived at the game we found our seats and then looked around for food. During the game my friend and I went down to the seats behind left field. After the Nationals were finished playing catch, one of the players threw the ball to me. I was thrilled to get the ball – the best souvenir. The final score of the game was 6-3 for the Mets.

Overall a fun, exhausting day!!