Grade 7 & 8 Washington Trip: Air & Space Museum and more…

Two of my favourite interests are air and space so imagine my surprise when we went to the Air and Space Museum this morning. The best part of the museum was watching Dark Space in the planetarium narrated by Neil Degrasse Tyson. It was a film about how most of the universe is dark matter. In the airplane exhibit there was an interactive section where you got to fly a trike and I thought it was the highlight of the day. Unfortunately, half of the museum was closed for construction and won’t be open until 2026 for the 50th anniversary.

We walked over to the American Indian museum and started with lunch. There were choices of bison, venison and chicken. Then we looked through all the floors and saw many art pieces both current and ancient. I saw a video about the Iroquois and there was a bronze sculpture inside the teepee. When sitting downstairs at our meeting spot, I looked up to see a beautiful dome ceiling. This was our last museum of the trip.

We took a bus to George Town and broke up into 2 groups. One of the groups went to TJ Max and the other went to Brandy Melville. Most of us found something to buy in TJ Max but I didn’t. After that we went to a great burger place called Great Eats. Then, we walked around for a bit and had to wait for the girls because there was a line up at their store. We got back to the hotel for one last swim and now it’s time to pack.