From Generation to Generation

Grandparents & Grandpals Day at the CJA

After 3 years without public gatherings, celebrations, or ceremonies, on October 28th, 2022, we welcomed over 250 visitors into our building for Grandparents & Grandpals day. On a morning like no other, students had the unique opportunity to walk the hallways with their guests and show them what life is like at the CJA. Some of our guests drove from their homes in Calgary and others flew in from out of province, all to experience this very special day with their loved ones.

To start the morning our grade 4 class led the entire school and all guests in a communal Shabbat service, followed by Kiddush. A special Shehechyanu was recited to mark the meaningful occasion where Jewish traditions and customs were shared from generation to generation. Following the Shabbat service, everyone partook in a number of activities throughout the school. Students and their guests made their own Havdallah spice medley, shared stories with our partners at PJ Library and designed a handprint mosaic. The school was bursting at the seams with joy as our students got to share a morning with their loved ones.

Building meaningful relationships with the people we love takes spending time together. It takes reaching across generational gaps, and weaving memories from shared experiences.
To the grands and greats surrounding us: we appreciate you.