Gifted and Identified Needs (GAIN) Program

Our goal as educators is to create, empower and motivate our future generation as life-long learners and the best educational model is constantly evolving to meet that ideal. GAIN works with individual students, appropriate peer groupings, teachers and parents to develop the whole child by providing various supports and strategies such as individualized program planning, learning support and enrichment, English as a Second Language (ESL) and guidance.

The GAIN program, is evolving under the educational promise that our institution is a one-stop shop. When our children go to the shoe store, the options are endless (size, color, shape, purpose). Everyone has the right to a shoe that meets their exact need. Education should reflect that. The GAIN program works to find that gift in everyone!

The GAIN team educates, empowers and advocates for the children at the CJA on a daily basis. The GAIN team has impacted almost 50% of our students during the 2017/18 school year. This program is headed up by Serena Seeger & Jessica Rynn. Also involved in the delivery of this program is Learning Strategist, Sandy Kaiser.

Children are identified by their teacher(s) as possible candidates for the GAIN program at the beginning and throughout the school year. If you feel that your child may benefit from this program, please feel free to discuss further with your child's teacher.

The Calgary Jewish Academy gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the Calgary Jewish Federation of Calgary for their generous contributions to the GAIN program.

Did You Know
The CJA ranked in the top 3% of schools in Alberta on the Fraser Institute Report Card 2014-2015.

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