Arlein's 90th Birthday Fundraiser

Arlein at age 6 playing the piano

Support the CJA’s music program by making a gift in honour of Arlein Chetner’s 90th birthday.

Arlein has been a longtime volunteer pianist in the Calgary Jewish community. In her early years she played for several musical theatre productions and often accompanied visiting musical guests. She later became the much beloved music teacher at the CJA, sharing her passion for music with so many of our current community members. She has been proclaimed as “my favourite music teacher ever” by many of her former students. Arlein continues sharing her talent and joy for music by playing the piano with the Calgary Jewish Senior’s Choir. 

The arts are an integral part of the development of children. Creative activities are the building blocks of this development. Music, whether in practice or theory, is a vital part of any well rounded curriculum. Music education plays a crucial role in the development of students at the Calgary Jewish Academy, providing them with a range of cognitive, emotional, and social benefits. Music education also provides opportunities for students to collaborate with others, build self-confidence, and express their emotions through artistic means. By fostering a love of music and the arts, the Calgary Jewish Academy can help students develop important skills that can benefit them both inside and outside of the classroom, and help them lead more fulfilling and creative lives.

Make a gift in honour of Arlein’s birthday by using the form below. The CJA will let Arlein know you made a gift, however if you would like to send a card, please let us know by including your message in the comment section in the form.