Purim Celebrations at the CJA

The Calgary Jewish Academy recently celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim with a lively and exciting day that was enjoyed by both students and teachers alike. The highlight of the event was the megillah reading, in which teachers acted out the story of Esther, making the narrative come alive and engaging to students, while the grade 6 class read the entirety of the megillah. The CJA Hand Bell Club also performed a beautiful rendition of the song “Chag Purim”.

In addition to the megillah reading, the CJA also organized a carnival for students in grades 1-5. Grades 6-9 students ran a variety of games and interactive stations, adding to the fun and festive atmosphere of the day. Students were able to enjoy a range of activities, including Esther’s nail spa with Purim themed nail polish, a photo booth and Haman themed bean bag toss.

Overall, the celebration of Purim at the Calgary Jewish Academy was a huge success, with everyone enjoying themselves and getting into the spirit of the holiday. From the creative megillah reading to the fun and games at the carnival, it was a day that will be remembered fondly by all those who took part.