Hearts and Soles: CJA’s Annual Terry Fox Walk & Run

This week, students, staff, and nearly 50 dedicated volunteers came together for the annual Terry Fox Walk & Run at the Calgary Jewish Academy. This event, led by the passionate efforts of Leanne Schayer, Mira Tappenden and Heather Young, showcased the school’s unwavering commitment to supporting the Terry Fox Foundation and advancing cancer research.

On September 27th, those in our Early Years program (N/JK/K) took part in an activity where they imagined themselves running across Canada. It was a heartwarming sight to see our youngest students enthusiastically dashing around with their hand-drawn maps of Canada, gleefully marking each province they “visited”. On September 28th, Grades 1 through 9 walked or ran a 5 KM route. Every student was engaged in making a difference as they trekked through the neighborhood course.

The Terry Fox Run took on special meaning for our students as they came together to honour Terry Fox’s legacy and pay tribute to the beloved memory of Elan Suissa (z”l). This event was a unique opportunity for our students to learn about Terry Fox, a Canadian hero who, despite battling cancer, embarked on a fundraising journey for cancer research. As they followed in Terry’s footsteps, our students learned valuable lessons in dedication and community service, extending their learning beyond the classroom.

The event held even greater significance for our CJA community as students also remembered Elan Suissa. Elan was a CJA Alumnus. He was a strong, brave, and loving individual who cherished his Jewish values and community connections. Elan’s enduring legacy teaches us to face life’s challenges with optimism and appreciation for life’s simple joys. By carrying these values forward, we ensure that both Terry and Elan’s memories continue to inspire us to pursue our dreams and serve our community with unwavering dedication. Most importantly, CJA students embodied the lesson that even the smallest actions can contribute to something much greater.

Year after year, the CJA strives to make a significant impact on cancer research through raising funds for the Terry Fox Foundation’s PROFYLE program, which supports pediatric cancer research. With a special thank you to the Elan Suissa Legacy Fund, all donations will be matched up to a maximum of $3,000. This means that every dollar contributed has the potential to make an even more substantial difference in the fight against cancer.

The CJA community takes pride in its association with the Terry Fox Foundation. It is a source of inspiration, reminding everyone that together, they can help keep Terry Fox’s dream alive and contribute to the ongoing battle against cancer. In a world where community and support are more critical than ever, CJA’s Terry Fox Walk & Run stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when people come together for an important cause.