Parents' Association

As parents,  we all have committed to fostering a respect for Jewish values to our children. We want our children to value themselves, others, and future generations.  We want them to be productive and successful members of the Jewish community and society as a whole.  This is something the CJA Parents' Association (PA) takes to heart. An open association to all parents at the school, the PA strives to build community, support our students, promote involvement and raise funds for the CJA.

The Parents' Association establishes connections and creates experiences to enrich family and student experiences. By liaising with CJA staff, alumnae and parents, parent volunteers work to build bridges between school and home, creating an ever-deepening spirit of community. See how you can get involved here.

The Parents' Association meets monthly and meetings are open to CJA parents.

Check out the PA website at:


Parents' Association Coordinating Committee:

Chairs: Jennifer Hadley -

Treasurer: Zakeana Reid

Program Liason Coordinator: Claire Kolman

Volunteer Coordinator: Melanie Ksienski


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