Giving and Supporting the CJA

No independent school in Canada operates on government grants and tuition alone.

Grants and tuition do not cover all operations, and they most definitely do not cover capital upgrades or expansion. Equipment, new facilities, major renovations, curricular or extra-curricular enhancements, to say nothing of long term stability and security, all require additional revenue. The CJA must continue to strengthen enrollment through the quality of its offerings and facilities, as well as fundraise for current needs and endowments.

Our current financial model is comprised of income from tuition, government grants, funding from the Calgary Jewish Federation and the CJA Trust, donations and facility rentals. Currently this funding does not support all of the school initiatives and the total cost of educating our students.

Fundraising is part and parcel of life in the independent school world. The school must have a strong fundraising program. Delivering educational excellence and building a strong school that will flourish now and in the future requires resources.

Our vision is that the CJA be the best Jewish day school.  Period. Nothing less.  We are striving to be a nationally acclaimed school and recognized as the best Jewish community day school in Canada.  We have charted a course towards becoming the best.  We have new Board and staff leadership, new head of school, a refreshed and strong strategic plan.  More than anything, we have the will and desire to be the best for our students and families.... because they deserve it.   The cost of being the best - of offering a superior educational experience - is increasing.  To get there we will need the help of many people; the entire Jewish community in Calgary and even beyond. 

We will also need your help. 

Your support will advance our mission and help us achieve our vision. Your support will ensure that we will continue to educate our Jewish youth for another century. When you invest in the CJA, you enter into a partnership – one that’s all about our kids... one that ensures the future of our community. Just imagine what we can do together!

Did You Know
I donate to this school because I believe every child should have an opportunity for a Jewish education. 
Mary Waterman, CJA Alumna

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