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Education is a core value of Judaism and references to this can be found throughout Jewish religious and scholarly texts. At the CJA, we strive to honour this value through an enriched Alberta curriculum while being inspired to learn about Jewish religion, heritage and culture. We endeavor to create a culture of Yiddishkeit. Our graduates are knowledgeable and compassionate citizens and leaders who are proud of  their heritage and identity.

The Calgary Jewish Academy curriculum is based on the following principles guided by our vision of engaging, empowering and educating our students:

Age appropriate. 

The program reflects the different learning needs of children at various stages of their development. Our program is designed to satisfy young children’s natural curiosity, the desire to be physically active and to learn through direct experience. Equally, we address teenagers’ needs for significant intellectual challenge, opportunities for leadership, and growing autonomy.

Inclusive and differentiated. 

All students are unique in their strengths, challenges, readiness for learning, and learning styles. Flexible program delivery and small class sizes allow each student to thrive in an inclusive, respectful environment. The GAIN (Gifted and Identified Needs) program provides support and opportunities for individual students to excel at their own level and strengths. Learn more about the GAIN program here.


Our quality academic dual curriculum outlines specific Topics, Activities and Skills as key learning areas for all grades. Having a plan for the success of our students is a cornerstone of our philosophy and ensures students’ readiness for the successive stages of their educational journey.

Alberta Education requires 475 instructional hours for ECS (Nursery through Kindergarten) and 950 instructional hours for Grades 1-9. 

During the school year, the CJA will provide students with 552 hours (ECS) and 1020 hours (Grades 1-9) of instructional time, which represents 15% and 7% more instructional time than a public school, respectively. 

Depending on their grade, students spend anywhere from 68-72% of their time on the Alberta curriculum and between 28-32% of their time on Judaic studies. Many innovative opportunities are taken to integrate the Alberta and Judaic curricula. Our students participate in quality daily physical education with many value-added activities (such as a week-long in-line skating program). They also have the opportunity to participate in music, art, dance and electives. 

Grade nine students who demonstrate exceptional skills in Math and other subject areas encouraged to take online courses to receive high school credits.  This requires a personal and financial commitment from interested students and parents. 

This allows our students to enter into high school with the flexibility to pursue a greater variety of subjects.

The CJA uses Tal Am and Bishvil HaIvrit for the Hebrew language curriculum, and teaches Israel through the program Israel Throughout the Year, developed by Israel's Bar Ilan University. Other Judaic subject areas have been developed by the CJA Judaic faculty, such as holidays, Jewish Social Studies and Bible curricula.

The Calgary Jewish Academy gratefully acknowledges the contributions of B'nai Brith of Calgary for their generous support which has allowed the CJA to fund the Tal Am and Bishvil HaIvrit programs.


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